This site is intended to educate and help raise awareness of the issues affecting the rights and quality of life within the LGBT culture.


An Goldbauer is a blogger, humanitarian photojournalist and videographer who covers Trans, Gay and Lesbian Cultural issues affecting the rights of the population through educative measures. an’s allegiance and loyalty is to uphold human rights despite being shunned for questioning practices and individual’s true intentions and avoids protecting privileged groups at the cost of those affected by bad politics. an interviews people who have been marginalized by culturally driven ideologies from right-wing groups and ultra conservative politicians. an does not align with anyone within the ally and LGB culture who misappropriate to advance their own self-serving political interests. an covers controversial facets of the LGBT culture and covers issues affecting individuals as openly as possible. an highlights the critical elements through educative measures and does not care if it compromises the privileged individual’s sense of timing, popularity and or self advancement. Due diligence practiced by those of us in the world of activism carries a hefty weight and the burden is often on the marginalized who cannot live an open and authentic existence without fear and fighting retaliatory measures delivered by those who hold a sense of greater superiority.

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