Hello world!

©An Goldbauer

Welcome to my angoldbauer.com! If this is your very first post tell readers why you like this blog. This is a blog about gender diversity across the spectrum and some of my own trials and tribulations as a trans male, human rights activist, and photojournalist, filmmaker, and healthcare consultant. Seems like a lot of jobs? Not really. They all intersect. That’s right. Each one crosses into the other. As a trans male, board certified in transgender care and enrolled in a doctoral program for Sexology, I have been covering LGBTQIA for quite some time now. Over the past eight years, I have interviewed some people whose children are either gay or trans along with professionals who are experts in their field. This work is ever-evolving, and I love every bit of what I do.

The blog posts are updated from time to time. I do this because of my own personal journey in coming to terms with my struggles that I’ve encountered working with micro-aggression and at times macro-aggression. I feel it is important to speak from this perspective within my own personal journey as a trans male who lives predominantly in a conservative bible belt region of the state in Northeast Florida.

While some of my posts can come off sounding a bit heated, please recognize that since this time, I’ve come a long way from feeling victimized by members of my own community and that some of us needed time to heal and recover.

I also recognize that being an activist is one thing, remaining stuck and angry is an entirely different matter. I am not criticizing anyone who stays stuck and angry. I am aware that society unleashes hate and can be very unkind because of social stigma. Some of the misguided information that continues to circulate out there has caused much harm to our community and serves as a barrier to advancing civil communication. What I am saying, however, is that anger can become addictive and this is where I part ways with it.

I needed to heal and feel well again. For me, this was crucial in my own recovery. Either way, I have kept the posts, but updated them as my views grew. If any of you follow my blog, then please be aware of these occasional updates.

©An Goldbauer

One thought on “Hello world!

  1. I started this blog because I am always posting commentaries. Research and paying attention to data from reputable companies matters. Some people are bored or put off by data or they don’t understand data and its significance. They get lost in the numbers. Those of us who enjoy paying attention to reports for our research, watch for these posts on trends in the market and we pay attention to the studies conducted by universities where published research on the demographics of the GLBT keep us informed. Some of us are anal about this while others are simply gathering enough information to keep others informed on a smaller scale.

    Data provides clarity in understanding how demographics and social responsibility matter to the economy. The posts have become lengthy. It was time to utilitize another platform, WordPress.

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